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1 in 6 children currently experience mental health challenges. That equates to at least 5 children in every classroom. How confident do you feel about your knowledge of mental health and your ability to support them?

We know that when children feel better, they learn better. Mental Health impacts our cognition, social skills, self-care, mood and physical health. Children deserve better than to live a life of stress and worry. Which is why Dandelion Training and Development’s focus is to offer high quality qualifications, current and practical online mental health training and resources to parents, early years’ providers, schools and further/higher education facilities to ensure that those on the frontline are equipped with the best information. 

Supporting children to develop a positive sense of self and mental well-being relies on strong partnerships with all those who care for and work with children and adolescents. We all need to work together to make an impact, which is why we are building a thriving community of mental health coaches to support schools and families.

Dandelion recognises the importance of continually updating professional development to ensure that the quality of care is of the highest standards. Which is why we are constantly developing new courses, resources and workbooks to help you provide the best early intervention.

Are you ready for a new career?

Are you looking to enhance your existing career, or start a new one? 

Are you passionate about working with child and family mental health? 

Our Level 4 and 5 Coaching Qualfication’s are accredited by  the International Authority for Professional Coaches and Mentors and the ACCPH (Accredited Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists) – please see individual courses for details and accreditations. The courses are fully insurable and allows you to work with children and families on graduation. Course intakes are twice a year. 

Qualifications and Long Courses

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Gritty Growing Up

Gritty Growing Up, is our Dandelion Podcast, exploring a wide range of issues affecting family. From mental health, to behaviour, to changes in the world that impact families, join Nicky and a range of guests as we dive into those conversations we need to explore.

Available on most podcast hosts or listen to it here.

Dandelion Coach Directory

Are you looking for a coach for your child, or for you as a parent? 

Our child and parent coaches all complete dual accredited and insurable courses with a wealth of knowledge. 

Visit our Dandelion Coach Directory to find someone in your area, or who works online. 

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Nicky Edwards

What we focus on – grows.

A challenge that we can all experience, is where we place our attention. As the saying goes, ‘what we focus on, grows’. Perhaps, if you close your eyes, you can take yourself back and think of a time when life felt ‘great’. Think now, what were you thinking about at this time? What did you

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Nicky Edwards

Children’s Activity: Sadness Maps

Sadness Sadness is an overwhelming emotion associated with the sense of loss, affecting us both physically (heavy eye lids, dropped mouth, lethargy) , psychologically (mood, emotions, distraction), physiologically (heart rate, skin temperature)and behaviourally (withdrawal, isolation). It can be triggered by the loss of connections, such as friendships or routines. The loss of loved ones, including

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Nicky Edwards

Why we need to stop saying ‘we are all on the spectrum’

I’m sure we have all heard someone make the comment ‘well, we’re all on the spectrum aren’t we?’ in a conversation around neurodivergent traits, but the understanding of what this means can be misleading. Neurodivergence is a non-medical term which acts as an umbrella for a range of different functionalities and conditions. It describes individuals

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