Understanding and Supporting Anxiety in Adolescence – For Professionals


In this two part course for professionals you will explore both the concepts of anxiety and strategies to support adolescents.

In part one, we will explore the concept of anxiety and what happens in the brain which creates symptoms of anxiety in children. We will discuss the chemicals and hormones in the body which contribute to anxiety and how these create physical symptoms of anxiety in children. We will explore factors which can contribute to anxiety and how these can develop into different types of anxiety. We will review the signs and symptoms which link to six different types of anxiety in children and how this can affect their lives physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially.

In part two, we will explore key information that professionals can collect from parents, carers and children to allow them to support an adolescent with anxiety. We will then explore core strategies that can be implemented in your setting to support adolescents with anxiety before reviewing wider strategies that you can implement to support adolescents that you work with. We will discuss strategies that you can share with parents to support anxiety between the setting and home as well as sign posting and referral processes you can follow to access wider support.

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