Children’s Activity: Feel Good Jar

Feel Good Jar

Children can sometimes find it difficult to recognise their strengths, whether they are skills, traits or behaviours. Helping children to recognise their positives supports them to raise their self-esteem and therefore their well-being. So, this week we are looking at ‘Feel Good Jars’ to help children record their positive traits and recognise all the wonderful things about them.

Free Activity:

All you need to do is……

Download it here 

How to use it:

  1. Download the activity sheet (HERE)
  2. Find a quiet space
  3. Take time to think about our wonderful skills, traits and behaviours
  4. Praise thoughts, feelings expressed and ideas
  5. Fill in the jar
  6. Take time to say all the positives out loud
  7. You may want to display your jars and refer to them each week


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