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Children’s Activity: Feelings Wordsearch #2

Children’s Activity: Feelings Wordsearch #2

We often talk about finding creative ways to talk about feelings can open new conversations. Sometimes, just sitting down can feel too confronting for some children, so activities can provide the perfect opportunity to explore what we are feeling and how it affects us.

However, we also need to build on our feelings vocabulary as children grow older, to help them extend their ability to identify and describe how they are feeling.

So, we are sharing the next instalment of our feelings wordsearch with you, this one is for the slightly older children, who need more ways to describe how they feel.

Feelings Wordsearch

Download it here 

How to us it:

  1. Download your free wordsearch HERE
  2. Sit down in a quiet space
  3. Look for each word in turn
  4. As you find each feeling, consider
  • when do I feel it?
  • what makes the feeling bigger?
  • what makes the feeling smaller?

You might want to look at our therapeutic stories to explore some of the feelings further (Find them here)



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