Children’s Activity: Feelings Iceberg

Managing emotions

When we see children’s behaviours, actions and responses we can get caught up in focussing on the symptoms and miss the causes of the issues. Our feelings can be likened to an iceberg.

The tip of the iceberg, what is above the water, represents the feelings, emotions, responses, behaviours and reactions that children demonstrate (what we can see).

The submerged iceberg, what is below the water, represents the triggers, stressors, causes and underlying issues which become overwhelming and create the reactions.

Helping children to sit with their thoughts, feelings and emotions and dive under the water to look at what is causing them:

  • stress
  • overwhelm
  • distress
  • discomfort
  • pain
  • shame / embarrassment

Can support them to regulate their emotions in new and more compassionate ways.

Download our free emotions iceberg worksheet to complete today.

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