10 Natural Ways to Boost Mood and Well-being

Something that has become quite noticeable recently, is the number of people who are feeling:

  • overwhelmed
  • exhausted
  • tearful
  • apathetic
  • unmotivated
  • out of sorts

When we experience significant periods of time which are unpredictable it can mean that our minds become overloaded. Without relief from these feelings, we can find ourselves feeling despondent. So, what are some natural ways we can boost our well-being?

Natural Mood Busters:

#1 – Get moving 

When we feel low, we can naturally feel inclined to slope off to the sofa and get caught in our sadness. Getting out and moving boosts our endorphins and therefore our mood. Whilst it might feel like the last thing we want to do, it is often the best thing we can do. Whether it’s a bike ride, a walk by the sea, an exercise class, trip to the gym or a swim – or even skipping or obstacle courses in the garden. Movement is connected to well-being.

#2 – Increase your rainbows 

Ever noticed in the movies that when people are sad they always eat chocolate and ice cream? Good nutrition is linked to well-being, so eating a rainbow increases our vitamins and minerals and makes us feel better. When we treat ourselves well – we feel better.

#3 – Drop the screen time

Whilst screen time is a great way to lose time, excessive time on screens (over 2 hours a day) is linked with weakened emotional judgement, reduced cognitive ability, low mood, loneliness and reduced self-esteem. It therefore makes sense that reducing screen time and taking a screen free day once a week can lift mood and improve well-being.

#4 – Get out in nature

Whilst it might feel tempting to pull the covers over our heads and hide, when we get out in nature (think woodland, beach, hillsides, lakes or mountains) we increase the levels of serotonin and endorphins in our bodies which are natural mood boosters.

#5 – Get hydrated

When we are dehydrated we can feel, lethargic, agitated, fatigued, lack concentration and energy. Aiming at increasing our hydration therefore gives us a natural mood boost and cleanses toxins from the body.

#6 – Take a shower

Standing under running water reduces tension and increases relaxation. Cold showers also are considered to stimulate nerve endings and improve blood flow in the body. This increases oxygen movement in the body which improves well-being.

#7 – Talk to someone who makes you feel good

When we spend time with people that make us feel good it increases oxytocin, the connection/love hormone which improves our mood. Laughing with someone also naturally boosts our mood which improves our immunity and increases happiness.

#8 – Dance to your favourite music 

Dancing increases our endorphins, which increases our positive energy and improves our mood and emotional state. Coupled with our favourite music, this creates the release of positive emotions which releases stress.

# 9 – Declutter

When our environment is cluttered it can increase our stress, anxiety and concentration levels. This can mean that we feel overwhelmed and lead to negative coping strategies or avoidance. Reducing the clutter that surrounds us can therefore reduce our stress, increase our feelings of being in control and clear vital headspace.

#10 – Do a good deed 

When we do something for others, it can increase our feelings of happiness. Volunteering, doing a good deed or helping someone gives us a sense of well-being, belonging and means that we share their happiness. Volunteering and good deeds release dopamine and serotonin in the body and also reduce our stress and blood pressure,


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