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Children’s Activity: Self-Care Cups Worksheet

Children’s Activity: Self-Care Cups Worksheet

Self-care Cups

Whilst we all talk about self-care and recognise its importance, recognising when our self-care is low or the early warning signs that something is out of balance is important to supporting our well-being.

Self-care is all about taking care of ourselves. If we imagine that we are a care, we would not expect to drive to the coast without petrol. Self-care is the fuel that we give ourselves to give us have energy and mental well-being to cope. Regular self-care improves:

  • our physical health
  • our mental well-being
  • improves self-esteem
  • improves focus
  • improves concentration
  • reduces stress and anxiety

Self-care cups are a way to support children to think about their self-care, mood and well-being.

You might even start with an actual cup and demonstrate that when we do things that are good for us it fills the cup up and when we do things which are stressful or overwhelming it empties the cup, to demonstrate the importance of balancing input and output.


Get started:

Download it here


  1. Download your free worksheet here
  2. Discuss with children/teenagers what their ideas of self-care are
  3. Consider how we feel when our batteries are empty
  4. Think about the ways that we can tell (tiredness, anger, anxiety, stress etc)
  5. Discuss if there are any activities/things/situations which wear us down
  6. Consider who makes us feel better
  7. Think about places that boost our mood
  8. Consider the activities we can use to boost our well-being


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