Understanding and Supporting Stress in Childhood and Adolescence – For Professionals


In this two-part course for professionals, you will explore both the concept of stress and strategies to support children and adolescents.

In part one you will:

  • Understand what stress is
  • Understand what creates stress in the body and brain
  • Understand Fight Flight Response and General Adaptation Syndrome
  • Know the purpose of cortisol and adrenaline
  • Understand the concept of ‘fight and flight’ and ‘rest and relax’
  • Know the different types of stress that can affect children and their purpose
  • Know factors which can contribute to stress in children
  • Recognise signs and symptoms that indicate a child may be experiencing stress
  • Understand how stress can impact children’s lives
  • Know where to access help and support

In part two you will:

  • Recognise information that you need to collect from children and their parents about stress and triggers
  • Know core strategies to implement in your setting
  • Be aware of wider strategies to implement in your setting to support children to regulate their emotions
  • Know strategies to share with parents to support stress at home
  • Know sign posting avenues to support those with high stress levels
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