10 questions to ask yourself today

Questions are incredible things. The questions we ask can completely change the direction that we take and the feelings that we evoke. Think for a moment, if you ask a child ‘did you have a good day at school?’ they will often tell you ‘No!’. However, if you shift that question to ‘what was the best part of your day?’ their focus moves to looking for the positives!

If you want to change your perspective and feelings, change your questions.

So, here’s 10 questions you can ask yourself to gain some clarity and direction:

  1. Who have I positively influenced today?
  2. In which part of my life have I had the most impact this week?
  3. What have been your biggest disappointments in the last 6 months? What did these teach you? What actions do you need to take to change the outcomes moving forward?
  4. What are ten things I am most grateful for right now?
  5. What are five things I have achieved this week?
  6. In which area of my life am I most content right now?
  7. What is the biggest challenge you have overcome? What steps did you take to overcome it?
  8. One year from now, what do I want to say that I have achieved? Who can help me with this?
  9. What are your greatest strengths?
  10. What is one action you can take this week to make you feel more purposeful?

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