Children’s Activity: Regulation Strategies

What is regulation

When we think about emotional regulation, we are also looking at children’s emotional literacy we are considering:

  1. How we acknowledge our feelings
  2. Our ability to label our feelings
  3. Our skills to be able to regulate ourselves

Learning strategies, and supporting children to practice these as part of their daily routines, allows them to maintain better levels of regulation day to day. The greatest challenge we can have is when we WAIT until a child is dysregulated before we start looking at strategies.

Regulation strategies are things that we use every day, and before, during and after challenges so that children feel safer and more in control.

Regulation Download

The key to regulation is finding the strategies that work best for each individual. So, this week we are sharing a regulation download sheet with ideas to explore….

Download here 

Next steps

  1. Download and print the regulation sheet (here)
  2. Review the strategies
  3. Test each strategy and identify the ones that work best
  4. Create a personalised regulation sheet

Want to learn more? 

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