Children’s Activity: Little Circles of Calm

How can we help children to calm their minds?

Sometimes, we all can find ourselves feeling a little overwhelmed, stressed or exhausted. In those moments, it can feel challenging to work out what we need/want to do to help us feel better.

Calm Flower Circles

So, this week, we are sharing our calm circles with you. All you need to do is:

#1 – Download the print out here

#2 – Grab some pens and pencils

#3 – Sit down together and consider which activities your child enjoys which make them feel calm

#4 – Select their favourites and add one to each petal

#5 – Cut out the flower

#6 – Fold in the petals

#7 – When we next feel restless, overwhelmed or stressed randomly select a petal and unfold it to follow the activity



Some ideas your child might like:


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