Diploma in Leading and Mentoring Mental Health in Schools

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Welcome to the Diploma in Leading and Mentoring Schools, as part of the DfE approved training. Over the course of your studies, we will be exploring 8 units. These are self-paced, but you are encouraged to participate in each of the activities as part of the modules to allow you to develop an in depth understanding of child mental health and the ways that this affects their access to education, as well as the considerations of forming and embedding a new mental health approach.

You can access your course modules through the platform, and your course manuals will be posted directly to your school providing you with a paper copy of the resources. To move through the materials click ‘mark as complete’.

  • 1 – Leadership
  • 2 – Identifying need and monitoring impact of interventions
  • 3 – Targeted support and appropriate referrals
  • 4 – Staff development
  • 5 – Creating an environment and ethos
  • 6 – Enabling the student voice
  • 7 – Working with families, parents and carers
  • 8 – Curriculum, teaching and learning

Submit Action Plans – On completion of each module, you can submit your action plans in the folders.

As part of your time with Dandelion Training, you have access to both GROUP calls which are scheduled for the following dated, offering you opportunity to collaborate with others on their Senior Mental Health Lead journey. You can access the calls using the booking link below:

Book Calls here – https://DandelionTrainingDevelopment.as.me/SMHLCalls

  • Wednesday 17th July 2024 – 2pm
  • Wednesday 11th September 2024 – 1pm
  • Wednesday 16th October 2024 – 1pm
  • Wednesday 20th November 2024 – 1pm
  • Wednesday 11th December 2024 – 2pm
  • Wednesday 29th January 2025 – 1pm
  • Wednesday 19th February 2025 – 1pm
  • Wednesday 12th March 2025 – 1pm
  • Wednesday 23rd April 2025 – 1pm

You also have access to one to one calls to talk through your findings, observations, thoughts and action plans to provide you with mentoring to develop your mental health approach in your school. These can be booked at your convenience and are there to support you. You can book these using the below link:

Book Calls Here – https://DandelionTrainingDevelopment.as.me/SMHLCalls

If you need any help or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at:


SIGN OFF – To be signed off and receive your certificate, you are required to submit all 8 action plans and complete your sign off call. Please schedule this as a 1:1 call.

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