Children’s Activity: Move your focus

If you read our article this week, we were exploring the impact of our perspective, and where our head is. If you missed it, you can read it here. Being able to ask yourself the right questions, and shift your focus is an important skill when it comes to regulating our feelings and behaviours.

Free Activity

So, this week, we’re sharing a free activity that you can use with young people, to help them to move their perspective.

Download it here

Next steps

  1. Download the form here
  2. Review the concept of past (remorse, resentment, grief, anger, disappointment, rumination)
  3. Review the concept of future (anxiety, worry, panic, fear, catastrophising)
  4. Review the concept of present (regulated, goal orientated, focused, action taking, engaged)
  5. Start at the past – explore what lessons we learnt from the experiences, dig deep, what did we gain that we can use in the present and future? skills? behaviours? lessons? knowledge? What do we have to be grateful for from it? For instance, it could be growth, new experiences, independence
  6. Then consider the future, focus attention, what is going well right NOW, consider friends, hobbies, learning, fitness, self-care etc, then identify five actions that can be taken now to improve self-care
  7. Then consider the present, and set some goals and behaviours to move forward

This activity takes time, don’t rush and make sure you have plenty of space to be able to explore in depth

Want to learn more? 

If you want to learn more about mental health you can join our Level 4 training (here) or keep an eye out for our new specialist online courses coming soon (here).

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