Children’s Activity: Calm your mind

Learning to calm our mind when we feel anxious or overwhelmed, allows us to move from our amygdala (fight/flight/freeze/fawn) into our prefrontal cortex (logic/reasoning/regulation). Often, we can catch ourselves asking children hundreds of questions about ‘what is wrong?’ ‘what is the matter?’ ‘how do you feel?’ and notice their anxiety escalating as we draw more attention to it.

What we focus on – grows!

Instead, we want to support them to move into their developing prefrontal cortex using logical questions that require their mind to focus (rather than join the circus). So, this week I’m sharing a simple worksheet to help children and young people think about how they focus their minds.


Download here

Next Steps

  1. Download the worksheet here
  2. Explore the different parts of the brain with children and their function
  3. Discuss how logic can calm our mind down
  4. A great tool to teach before exams!

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If you want to learn more about mental health you can join our Level 4 training (here) or keep an eye out for our new specialist online courses coming soon (here).

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