Children’s Activity: When I feel…

How do you feel?

We often ask children how they feel, however many children have a small stock of responses that they can give us. Something we can commonly see, is the difficulty pulling apart the differences. Such as, the difference between sad and bored, excited and anxious, happy and content. Many feel that they should be ‘happy’ all the time, when in reality happy is a momentary feeling which ebbs and flows, and we cannot live inside it. So, this week we are sharing an exploratory activity ‘when I feel’.


Download here

Get started

  1. Download and print the worksheet here
  2. Collect colouring pens or pencils
  3. Talk about each box and consider how anger affects us
  4. Discuss the steps we can take to help ourselves, and what we need the adults around us to understand

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If you want to learn more about mental health strategies you can join our Level 4 training (here).

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