Children’s Activity: Growing Self-compassion

Self-compassion relates to the action of treating ourselves with warmth, understanding and kindness, especially when we are struggling, fail, feel that we are not good enough or are in emotional or physical discomfort. It is the act of choosing to treat ourselves as though we are our best friend, instead of opting to be unkind, attack ourselves or choose to talk to ourselves badly.

There are many ways that we can treat ourselves with self-compassion, but this week we are sharing a resource with some starting points to share with those children we work with. Especially those with low self-esteem, self-deprecating language or who feel that they are not good enough.

Free Activity:

Download here

Next Steps

  1. Download the worksheet here
  2. Review the concept of self-compassion with the young people you work with
  3. Consider what happens to our feelings when we talk or treat ourselves poorly
  4. Compare it to what happens when we talk to ourselves and treat ourselves with kindness
  5. Explore the ways that we can be kind to ourselves
  6. Review the suggestions
  7. Create an action plan

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