Children’s Activity: Reframing Adversity


When we experience challenges and adversity we can find ourselves trapped in spirals of limiting beliefs or negative thinking ‘why me?’ ‘nothing even goes right’ ‘the world is against me’ etc etc. If we learn to reframe the adversity to look at what it taught us, as well as what we are grateful for from it, we are able to release ourselves from the binds of its power and move forward feeling in control and at peace. Today, we share an activity to support reframing. However, we need to take our time and dig deep when completing it in order to tap into our gratitude and lessons on a deeper level.


Reframing Adversity

Download here

Next steps:
  1. Download the worksheet here 
  2. Consider some challenges that have affected us
  3. Reframe them – What did I learn? About myself, about life, about my personality? About overcoming things?
  4. What am I grateful for? – Why am I grateful for this experience? Did it teach something for the future? Did I learn new skills? How will it help me? How has it helped me?
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