Children’s Activity: Journal Prompts for Anger

Journal Prompts

Journalling can help us to calm our minds by structuring our thoughts. Journal prompts help us to explore different aspects of our lives and develop a deeper understanding of them. By taking time to deeply think about different concepts, we can find peace, solutions or identify areas for support. Journal prompts are questions that we can use to explore these. Building on in our journal prompts series, this week we look at anger. 

Free Prompts for Anger

You can download our 16 prompts for anger below:

Download here 

Next steps
  1. Download the Journal Prompts Here 
  2. Introduce the concept of prompts to the child / teenager
  3. Read through the prompts together
  4. Allow children time to explore the prompts
  5. Offer time to talk through if they would like to (not required)
Want to learn more? 

If you want to learn more about mental health you can join our Level 4 training (here) or keep an eye out for our new specialist online courses coming soon (here).


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