Children’s Activity: Back to School Plan

Back to School

The return to school is always met with a mixture of excitement, nerves and uncertainty. This can mean that we become caught in our fight or flight mode, and struggle to think logically. Having a plan can help children to feel back in control, as well as validate their feelings and support effective communication between the caregivers and educators working with them. We’re sharing a simple plan that you can put into place with children:


Download here 

Next steps
  1. Download and print the planner (HERE)
  2. Work with the child to identify their needs in each box
  3. Encourage children to think of things that they find challenging as well as those things that help them
  4. Complete in full (ask parents for feedback where needed)
  5. Share with relevant staff and the family
  6. Implement
  7. Review after 1-2 weeks and once consolidated each half term
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