Children’s Activity: Back to School Planner

Back to School

As we prepare for the return to school, everyone’s mind is in different places. For some, they cannot wait to get back and see their friends, for others, they feel the summer needs to be 12 weeks (not 6), for others there is excited apprehension as they prepare for transitions, unsure about what will come next.

It does not matter how many years go by, or how many transitions we experience, first day nerves are always a thing for so many of us. However, with some planning and repeating actions, we can make our brains feel safer. So much of our nerves, is actually uncertainty about what will happen and feeling unprepared.

So, we are sharing our back to school planner to create a little safety and planning.

Back to school planner

Download it here 


Next Steps

  1. Print off the planner (find it here)
  2. Collect pens or pencils
  3. Sit down in a quiet space, where you do not need to rush, and consider each question
  4. You may want to review some of our regulation activities to consider what helps us (find them here)
  5. Refer back to the plan, and update it as needed


Want to learn more? 

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