Children’s Activity: Positive Affirmations

Our brains listen to EVERYTHING that we say, as though taking instructions from us. If we tell ourselves that we are stupid, silly or useless, our brain believes it and our confidence and self-esteem begins to drop. If we tell ourselves that we are kind, clever and capable, our brains take that as an instruction and we can see our self-esteem rise. The value we place on ourselves increases.

Children learn their internal language from the adults around them. Their parents, friends, teachers, professionals that they meet….. all those comments that they hear become part of their internal dialogue.

Today’s activity focusses on helping children to consider their positive value by writing affirmations. When repeated daily out loud, affirmations can help us to change our internal dialogue and feel more positive about ourselves.

Positive Affirmations

Download here 


Get started:

  1. Download the affirmations sheet here
  2. Print the sheets
  3. Discuss internal words with children
  4. Consider how they see how themselves
  5. Write 5 positive affirmation statements that represent the qualities that they identified
  6. Say each statement out loud
  7. Return to the statements and repeat them regularly (ideally daily)


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