Children’s Activity: Feelings Wheel


A step of emotional literacy development is being able to recognise what our emotions are. Many children can find it challenging to be able to recognise, identify and respond to their emotions, particularly emotions such as excitement and anxiety as both create adrenaline in the body. A great first step, is to encourage children to reflect on their feelings and times when they remember feeling them, so that they can distinguish how they all vary. All children’s feelings are different, and so you may find that children have very different experiences or ideas about how their emotions affect them.

Feelings Wheel

Download here

Next steps:

  1. Download the worksheet here
  2. Collect coloured pencils / pens
  3. Discuss what each feeling is
  4. Consider times when we felt this way
  5. Draw pictures of memories associated with each feeling
  6. Think about how each feeling made our bodies and minds feel


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