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Children’s Activity: Self-care Bingo

Children’s Activity: Self-care Bingo

Self-care Bingo

Self-care is all about taking care of ourselves. If we imagine that we are a care, we would not expect to drive to the coast without petrol. Self-care is the petrol that we give ourselves to give us to have the energy and mental well-being to cope. Regular self-care improves:

  • our physical health
  • our mental well-being
  • improves self-esteem
  • improves focus
  • improves concentration
  • reduces stress and anxiety

Self-care bingo is a game that we can play when we need to fill up the tank. It’s an easy way to choose ways to look after ourselves without needing to think on our feet.

Download it here 

Next steps:

  1. Download it here 
  2. Print it off
  3. Take it in turns to choose an activity (daily / weekly)
  4. Create a self-care habit
  5. You might even want to create your own self-care bingo


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