Top Tips for Supporting the Return to School

As the world prepares for the return to school, parents up and down the country are getting the uniforms ready, purchasing new school shoes and packing lunch boxes…. But what else do we need to consider to prepare our children for a successful return to school?

Get organised

  • Double check school lists and requirements
  • Make a shopping list and do it in one hit to reduce stress
  • Wash uniform a few times to soften it up
  • Plan a packed lunch menu so prepping is simple
  • Practice putting uniform on and moving around to adjust
  • Practice the walk to school to open conversation
  • Prep everything you can the night before so the morning is less stressful


Get consistent

  • Start getting up earlier in the week leading up to school to lessen the shock
  • Start going to bed at ‘school times’ to adjust body clocks
  • Create a morning ‘school’ routine and display it for everyone
  • Plan a time for homework and reading so it’s done consistently
  • Adjust mealtimes at home to be similar to school times


Get real

  • Take it a day at a time
  • Focus on the things you can control and plan for
  • Check your understanding and questions with the school
  • Role model positivity and optimism (children follow our lead)
  • Keep chaos at bay – Consistency and planning offer calm
  • Celebrate the achievements
  • Avoid avoidance – it increases anxiety
  • Accept that there will be lots of emotions – plan some downtime and calm activities to counter balance it


Get talking

  • Share books about school to open conversation
  • Talk about what we are looking forward to about school
  • Answer any questions that arise about school
  • Look at pictures online of school and talk about what we will be doing
  • Listen carefully to what your child is saying to you (verbally or through behaviour)
  • Don’t ignore the worries – give time to talk or draw about them and help them look for simple solutions
  • Praise the achievements (even if they are small) to build confidence
  • Check any concerns your child raises with your child’s teacher to check interpretation and understanding


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