Children’s Activity: Self-Care Cups Worksheet

Self-care Cups Whilst we all talk about self-care and recognise its importance, recognising when our self-care is low or the early warning signs that something is out of balance is important to supporting our well-being. Self-care is all about taking care of ourselves. If we imagine that we are a care, we would not expect …

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Children’s Activity: Children’s Feelings House

Sometimes, we know that things are bothering us, but it can feel hard to put it into words. So, when someone asks ‘what is bothering you?’ the question feels impossible. Using activities that help children to talk, and explore their emotions in safe spaces helps children to develop their self-awareness and emotional literacy.   Download …

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Children’s Activity: Feelings Iceberg

Managing emotions When we see children’s behaviours, actions and responses we can get caught up in focussing on the symptoms and miss the causes of the issues. Our feelings can be likened to an iceberg. The tip of the iceberg, what is above the water, represents the feelings, emotions, responses, behaviours and reactions that children …

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Children’s Activity: Self-esteem Charts

Self-esteem Sometimes, children can find it challenging to recognise their strengths. Helping them to recognise the things that are positive about them, the values that others appreciate and their skills and talents can help them to keep the world in context. So, why not try this activity. Simply download the self-esteem recorder and encourage children …

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