Specialist Course: Understanding & Supporting Self-Harm in Childhood and Adolescence (Long Course)

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In this long course, we take a deep dive into Self-Harm, exploring the physiology, psychology and contributing factors which affect children and adolescents.

Please allow 2 – 2.5 hours to complete this course.

In section one, you will learn:

  • The nature of self-harm
  • The differentiation between Non-Suicidal Self Injury and suicide
  • Types of self-harm
  • Causes and triggers of self-harm
  • The window of tolerance
  • Stress management (internalised and externalised emotions)
  • Children’s responses to stress
  • Signs of emotional distress in children
  • The self-harm cycle
  • Autism and self-harm

In section two, we will look at: 

  • Psychopathology of self-harm
  • Stress and self-harm
  • The central nervous system
  • Risk factors for self-harm
  • Mental health and the medical system
  • Seeking professional help
  • Myths and misconceptions of self-harm
  • Talking about self-harm
  • Criticism and self-harm
  • Validating feelings of self-harm

In section three, we will: 

  • Strategies and alternatives to support young people who self-harm
  • Supporting young people to feel safe
  • Distraction Techniques
  • Therapeutic interventions
  • Wider support, strategies and organisations

Sensitivity warning: This course contains information of a sensitive nature, which may be overwhelming to some individuals. If you do need to talk about self-harm and how it has affected you or someone you know, you can contact the Samaritans at 116 123.

This course is validated by the ACCPH and the CPD Certification Service, certificates hold both logos. 

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