Emotional Literacy

What is alexithymia?

What is alexithymia Alexithymia is a psychological condition by which an individual is unable to identify and describe their own emotions and recognise them in others. This means that the individual finds it difficult to understand and express how they are feeling which can influence their social and emotional development, as well as their connections …

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Are you stopping a speeding train?

Are you someone who sees the challenges that others are getting into and finds yourself involved in their worlds, trying to stop them?  Are you someone who, when you see someone struggling, you feel an overwhelming need to relieve their struggles? Who shortly afterwards finds yourself exhausted and the other person feeling irritated with you?  …

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What’s the emotional literacy gap?

Since the 2020 pandemic, there has been an increasing gap in the emotional literacy of children. One of my greatest observations from the last three years in my therapy and coaching work, is that whilst children are catching up academically: Behaviour issues are increasing Dysregulation is happening more frequently Expressing feelings is less comfortable There …

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Children’s Activity: Calm Colouring

Sometimes, we just need an activity that allows us to switch off and zone out, to process our thoughts, feelings and experiences. Colouring has many benefits: Develops fine motor skills Supports concentration skills Develops colour recognition Strengthens handwriting skills Encourages relaxation Develops focus Creates a focus on the present Calms a restless mind Develops inner …

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Children’s Activity: Feelings Lighthouse

How can we talk about feelings with children? Being creative about feelings exploration with children can support them to create visual ideas about how to work through those sensations. My Feelings Lighthouse Download here    Next steps Download the worksheet here  Collect pens and pencils On the starfish – write the feeling you want to …

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