Children’s Activity: Draw my faces

In surveys completed by Brene Brown and her team, they found that of  7,000 people over a period of five years, on average people can identify only three emotions as they are actually feeling them: happiness, sadness and anger.

If you have followed Dandelion for any length of time, you will know that we are always talking about the role of emotional literacy in relationships, mental health and development.

Imagine spending your life misreading other people and yourself, because you can only register THREE feelings.

Draw my faces

Many children we meet in coaching cannot recognise the subtle feelings that people are expressing through their expressions. So, we are sharing a starting point to think about…. how many can you recognise?

Download here

Next steps:

  1. Download the worksheet here
  2. Find some mirrors, pencils or colouring pens
  3. Talk about the different feelings names – how many do we know?
  4. Talk through what each one means to the child
  5. One at a time, think of a memory where the child felt this way
  6. As they talk about it, encourage them to think about what their face does
  7. Draw the facial expressions
  8. Extend – think about the micro expressions we may have too

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