Children’s Activity: Gratitude


In recent years, research into the power of gratitude has identified the importance that this practice has on our sense of happiness and well-being. When we practice gratitude consistently, and over time, we can train our brain to focus on what is going well, and develop a sense of optimism.

It has been found, that gratitude boosts serotonin and activates the brain stem, which produces dopamine.

Supporting children to practice gratitude helps them to boost self-esteem, positivity and well-being. So, we are sharing a gratitude diary you can download and start today!

Gratitude Diary

Download here 


Next steps

  1. Download the gratitude diary here
  2. Discuss with children the concept of gratitude
  3. Explore different things that we are grateful for
  4. Each day, write down three gratitudes
  5. Aim for different things each day – no matter how great or small
  6. Target – Complete a minimum of 21 days and review the impact on outlook and mindset

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