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Children’s Activities: Monster Feelings

Children’s Activities: Monster Feelings


It is thought that children develop empathy around 2 years old. At this stage, children begin to show an understanding of how other people feel and recognise that they don’t feel the same way themselves. However, empathy continues to develop throughout life and as children’s brains continue to develop until around 25 years old, we can see them default to emotional reactions, and so empathy requires conscious thought.

Recognising how others feel is a lifetime effort, at times we can all get lost in our own thoughts and feelings, and forget that others may have their own feelings and events.

Feelings Monsters

Today, we are sharing a set of feelings monsters, to consider how others feel.

Download here

Next steps

  1. Download the worksheet here 
  2. Collect a selection of pens or pencils
  3. Think through what the monsters might be feeling
  4. What might their faces look like when they feel like this? (you may want a mirror)
  5. What might be making them feel this way?
  6. Extend it – what help might the monster need?

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