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Children’s Activity: Feelings Diary

Children’s Activity: Feelings Diary

Identifying that our feelings are fluid, and ever moving supports children to understand that they do not need to always feel ‘happy’. For so many children and adults, there is a pressure to always be ‘happy’, when in reality our feelings move continually throughout the day.

So, in this article, we share a feelings diary to share with children to begin talking about the different feelings that we have in a week.

Find it here

Download here 


Next steps:

  1. Download the worksheet here 
  2. Talk through each feeling on the diary page and what they mean to the child
  3. Consider an example of a time when the child has felt each feeling
  4. Start on the day you begin the sheet – identify the feeling we have felt most today (children can select more than one for each box)
  5. Track feelings for the week
  6. Consider – what did I learn about my feelings this week? How did some of the feelings appear? What created some of the feelings? What helps the feelings?


Want to learn more? 

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