Children’s Activity: Make your own Feelings Pebbles

We often talk about finding creative ways to talk about feelings can open new conversations. Sometimes, just sitting down can feel too confronting for some children, so activities can provide the perfect opportunity to explore what we are feeling and how it affects us.

However, we also need to build on our feelings vocabulary as children grow older, to help them extend their ability to identify and describe how they are feeling.

So, we are sharing the next instalment of our ‘make your own feelings pebbles‘ worksheet with you, this one is for children who need support to understand emotions.

Make your own Feelings Pebbles

Download it here 


What to do:

  1. Download the feelings pebbles worksheet here
  2. Collect a selection of pebbles (child palm sized)
  3. You will need either painting pens or acrylic paint and brushes
  4. Plan out the feelings you will use
  5. Draw out the outlines using pencil
  6. Paint over them
  7. Leave to dry
  8. You may want to spray varnish them

How to use them:

  1. You can use the feelings pebbles to explore how we feel today in circle time
  2. Extend it – talk about where the feeling is, how it feels, and what makes it feel better
  3. You can use feelings pebbles alongside books to explore how characters feel
  4. Extend it – talk about why the characters feel like this, have they ever felt like this? how could the character be helped?
  5. Photograph the pebbles and make them into flash cards that children can select in the morning to show how they feel
  6. Extend it – interlink with regulation activities to identify what activities help feelings


Want to learn more? 

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