Children’s Activity: Self-Belief Balloons


Self-belief means that we have the ability to recognise our abilities, and capabilities to achieve and move forward with our goals and plans. When we have healthy self-belief we recognise our positive qualities, are able to read situations and identify what we are able to achieve. As well as being able to set ourselves targets with the belief that we can progress towards them.

Self-belief starts with being able to recognise what we are good at. As well, it involves fostering positive connections, having kind self-talk and healthy boundaries.

Supporting children to build positive self-belief fosters a foundation to set challenges and strive towards them, as well as to recognise what their potential is.

Self-Belief Balloons

This week, we are sharing our self-belief balloons,  to start exploring positive qualities with children.

Download here 

What to do next:

  1. Download the worksheet here 
  2. Collect pens and pencils
  3. Find a quiet space to reflect
  4. Think carefully about each balloon, considering: what could this link to? what would you love to do? what do you enjoy? what brings you joy? what are you proud of? etc


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