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Children’s Activities: Anger Strategies

Children’s Activities: Anger Strategies

Why do we get angry??

Everyone has a different response to anger, and the reason for this is that everyone interprets the environment, relationships and situations differently. This is dependent on previous experience, developmental stage and our understanding of our own emotions and triggers. As such, no response to a situation is right or wrong, but merely our own response formed from our pre-learnt reactions.

If you have completed our FREE Dispelling Child Mental Health Myths course (see it here) you will know that children operate from their emotional brain, so it makes sense that anger is a default emotion in frustrating, irritating or overwhelming situations, as well as when they are scared or worried.

It’s ok to be angry – what we need to master is RESPONDING to our anger so that it does not hurt us or others. Teaching children constructive ways to manage their anger helps them to feel back in control and move out of their emotional reaction.

Anger Strategy Colouring Sheet

Supporting children to identify the techniques that help them to calm down, offers them a tool box to respond to their emotions, especially if they can feel them entering fight or flight mode (find our article here). This week we are sharing a colouring sheet containing different anger management activities that children can use to calm their central nervous systems.

Download it here 


  1. Download the colouring sheet here
  2. Print it off
  3. Talk through the images
  4. Colour them in
  5. Practice different strategies and find your favourites
  6. You might display the sheet somewhere for children to refer to it


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