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Children’s Activity: Affirmation Cards

Children’s Activity: Affirmation Cards


Affirmations are positive statements which are used to to help us challenge and overcome difficult or negative thoughts. They are simple statements which are repeated as part of a routine to help us move through challenges. Affirmations can also be displayed so that we can read them frequently and help us to make positive changes to our mindset, approaches and next steps.

Affirmations are thought to help individuals to release negativity, fear and worry. The more that they are used, the more that they can influence our thought patterns. They are thought to decrease stress and increase positive feelings.

Download here

How do we use them?

  1. Choose your affirmations – these may be personally written or you can download our affirmation sheet – download our sheet here
  2. Each day, set aside some time in the morning to read your statements out loud
  3. Repeat each affirmation 5-10 times
  4. Ask a trusted friend or adult to help – they may repeat them with you or listen


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