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Children’s Activities: Rainbow Breathing

Children’s Activities: Rainbow Breathing

Rainbow Breathing

When we are relaxed, our minds are clearer. This means that we can make decisions easier, feel more in control and manage situations more effectively. Teaching children breathing exercises helps them to learn to breathe deeply, as well as feel more relaxed and calm.

Rainbow breathing is a fun and simple activity, which helps children to learn to control their breaths and move into the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest).

Rainbow Breathing Steps:

  1. Create your own rainbow pictures on A5 or A4 paper (ensure you have at least 5 colours)
  2. Once dried, sit comfortably with rainbow pictures on the floor in front of you
  3. Place a finger at the left hand, bottom end of the rainbow on the red arc
  4. As you trace your finger along the rainbow take a deep breath in through the nose until you reach the middle
  5. When you reach the middle, begin to exhale through the mouth as you trace to the end of the rainbow
  6. Repeat for each colour of the rainbow

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