Children’s Activity: Nature Activities for Mental Health

As it’s Mental Health Awareness Week – and the theme is nature – we have put together some activities for you to enjoy at home, nursery or school to encourage everyone to get outside and enjoy some serotonin, reduce their stress and increase their well-being. 

Nature is a wonderful asset to mental health because:

  • It releases serotonin which regulates mood
  • It helps us feel more grounded and connected
  • It reduces stress
  • It eases anger
  • It reduces anxiety levels
  • It supports positive physical well-being
  • It improves our mood
  • It uplifts our emotions
  • It reduces blood pressure and heart rate


Nature Hunt

Why not download our NATURE TREASURE HUNT and get outside to seek out the birds and bees. You can download a copy HERE


Or if everyone needs a little quiet time, you can find our NATURE WORDSEARCH by clicking HERE


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Further help 

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